Tell Them We Need Our Money!

Certainly our government and politicians acknowledge that the American people are experiencing historical levels of;
  1. unemployment
  2. foreclosures
  3. adult and child homelessness
  4. starvation.
Unfortunately, these self-proclaimed public servants are committed to political parties rather than American families. Their collective efforts to date, consist of failed stimulus and political back and butt-biting.

You and I know that if they were to join the ranks of unemployed and underemployed today, they would;
  1. hunt for jobs
  2. exhaust their savings
  3. max out their debt on credit cards
  4. sell any thing they have of value to feed their families and provide some form of housing,
just as so many families have been compelled to do.

I feel it's time to TELL THEM WE NEED OUR MONEY!

Since the first day you began working you were mandated to contribute to your social security. Traditional private-sector pensions (retirement) plans allow for you to "borrow" from your plan for financial emergency. You are not allowed to borrow from your own social security, however the United States government has?

I can think of several justifications for Congress to pass a bill allowing the owners of their funds to be allowed to borrow;

  1. It gets the dollar to those who own and desperately need it (which previous stimulus packages have failed to accomplish.)
  2. The money will be spent and immediately returned to the economy
  3. May help families keep their homes and/or find somewhere to live
  4. It will feed people
  5. It will not increase the Federal debt, as this money is already owed us!
According to Wikipedia, Social Security assets in 2010 were $2.6 trillion, an amount that is expected to be adequate to cover the next 10 years. Try to tell the mom who is pawning the TV set valued at $500 for $50 to buy food she needs today that this is "kickin the can down the road".

The Social Security Administration already knows she is in a financial crisis by her loss of employment and suspended contributions.

Why couldn't these families borrow monthly checks (based on retirement projections already calculated by the Social Security Administration)? Much like the private sector with an option to repay (hopefully during better times) and if necessary re-adjust their retirement age or pension amount based upon their ability to repay?

There are historical numbers of Americans who can't see to retirement due to their daily struggles.